Ceo Letter

Our purpose

When Rubicon was founded in 2008, we had a clear mission in mind. We wanted to solve a growing global problem that had been left unaddressed for decades, if not centuries. That problem was the accumulation of waste and its increasingly damaging impact on the world.

Through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, a drive for innovation, and a passion for our people, we created a company that for more than a decade has led the way towards ending waste and helping to heal our planet.

However, we quickly realized that we could only reach our full potential when we looked even further. We had to find ways in which we could make a true human difference in the world. is the manifestation of our sincere belief in a people-centric and environmentally conscious society. The world faces many challenges today, and at we aim to do our part to lift all communities and help them create a better, brighter future. Giving is central to who we are, and our activities span a number of programs designed to make the most positive and broad-reaching impact possible.

“ exists because we know we have a mission beyond commerce.” Nate Morris
Founder and CEO, Rubicon

We partner with national organizations to tackle the largest issues we face as a country, such as our support for veterans’ groups like USA Cares, which stems from a recognition of the many sacrifices made by our veterans in order to bring safety and security to our homeland. At a local level, the Rubicon team volunteers its time to support charities and organizations that are working to address the immediate problems faced by disadvantaged communities across the country. And, of course, we also dedicate time to supporting environmental initiatives such as planting a tree with the Arbor Day Foundation in the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky for each guest at our events throughout the year. While environmental clean-up efforts like these obviously advance our organization’s overall goals, we believe they are crucial because a cleaner environment creates safer, stronger communities.

“Our goal, and we hope you share it, is to create a healthier, safer, and more prosperous world for all humankind.” exists because we know we have a mission beyond commerce, and we want to leave a positive mark on the communities that we serve. There are problems that demand immediate action, and we believe it is our duty to tackle those challenges.

Our goal, and we hope you share it, is to create a healthier, safer, and more prosperous world for all humankind.

Nate Morris

To find out more about, our mission, and our charitable activities, or to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us.